Lead Data Analyst

As a leader of the OHPI data team, Jacob heads up all steps of data collection, analysis, and reporting. Jacob specializes in public affairs research and has a unique ability to weave a data-oriented story, transforming a series of seemingly meaningless data points into a digestible deliverable for corporate and public affairs clients alike. His insights are accurate, actionable, and usually founded on details someone less focused would easily miss. One of Jacob’s most notable accomplishments with OHPI is his contribution to statewide public opinion polling. He was instrumental in the creation and execution of the Arizona, Nevada, and Utah Public Opinion Pulse (AZPOP, NVPOP, and UTPOP, respectively) surveys, a nationally recognized statewide survey of residents and registered voters that regularly gauges public opinion on the key issues driving the political and corporate climate of the state.     

Jacob graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and another bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Though originally from Seattle, Washington, Jacob has spent the majority of his life in his adopted home state of Arizona.


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