Junior Data Analyst

As a junior data analyst for OH Predictive Insights, Hieu utilizes his sharp attention to detail and eagerness to find the story within the data. Hieu accelerates OHPI’s mission that ensures everyone’s voice is heard. His solid foundation in mathematical statistics and programming plays a vital role as the primary support for client projects and internal projects, including the Public Opinion Pulses. With an eye for patterns, trends, and outliers, Hieu easily determines the notable points in a data set, while identifying and exploring the information that ultimately proves most helpful to clients. Hieu is detailed and in tune with his team, always delivering exceptional-quality work with a lightning-fast turnaround. He hopes to continue growing his already extensive toolbox of skills, including knowledge of Python, Java, R, and LaTeX. Hieu was born in the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. He attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and is currently attending Arizona State University where he is wrapping up a BS in Mathematics and Statistics.

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