Operations Manager

Haylye is the Operations Manager at OH Predictive Insights, improving processes, company efficiencies, revenue, and company culture. Haylye has a passion for leadership and mentoring staff members to help navigate new promotions and challenges they may run into in their day-to-day work. In overseeing the company’s team members and managing close, professional relationships with clients, she provides strategic solutions in order to be a consistent and reliable source of support for the company as a whole. Haylye is well-versed in strategic planning and development, project management, relationship management, and operations. With extensive knowledge and an active hand in the daily operations of the company, she anticipates trends and opportunities to optimize the vitality and success of the company.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Haylye earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Oklahoma Christian University and a certification in Data Analytics and Visualization from the University of Arizona.

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