Arizona Business Index™

The Arizona Business Project™, or ABI™, measures and interprets the health of the Arizona economy from the perspective of the Arizona consumer. The Index reflects consumers’ perceptions of both current economic conditions and future expectations.

In addition to consumer sentiment, the ABI™ provides insight into current public opinion regarding housing and automobile sales, the job market, the economy, and the personal credit card debt of Arizonans. ABI™ is the first statewide index to focus on consumer indicators.  ​

The ABI™ is an extensive statewide consumer sentiment survey providing an accurate pulse on the key indicators that drive the economy and expert insight into consumer confidence to help businesses aid in decision making.

Tracks Arizona’s Key Economic Drivers

Compares state results against national results
Provides an early-warning in the event of an economic downturn

Provides a statewide sample allowing for regional breakouts in over 100 demographic combinations

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Sponsorship Opportunities

      • The ABI™ provides information that is not currently available in the marketplace. For example, it is easy to collect survey responses, but it is difficult to separate the relevant public opinion data from other noise that is available.
      • The ABI™ provides the most comprehensive consumer sentiment polling in the State of Arizona to help distinguish fact from fiction. The project methodology is modeled after the University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Index, which has proven to be a leading indicator of upward and downward economic trends. The ABI™ adapts quickly as the business cycle and political climate change, which is a unique aspect of this particular product: it adapts to your needs.
      • For example, due to recent events, a section regarding the impacts of COVID-19 has been added to the survey to measure and track the effects. The ABI™ is managed by experts in public opinion polling, data science, and public policy to provide the most accurate report.
      • Investors in the Arizona Business Index™ have exclusive access to this valuable insight, as well as personalized opportunities to have the information presented to their companies on an individual basis. Sponsoring companies will also receive recognition on the report and at any forums presenting the findings.