Case Study

Resolution Copper 

The Resolution Copper project is a proposed underground mine 60 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona, near the town of Superior. The project is a joint venture owned by Rio Tinto (55%) and BHP (45%). Rio Tinto is a global Mining Company that operates across 35 countries on 6 continents that prides itself on pioneering progress for a better future. Through research and innovation, they help meet the needs of society in a growing and changing world. Rio Tinto, through their ventures, works to bring benefits for its people, the communities in which they operate, and beyond. 

OHPI conducted research for Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper to identify the degree of support from the community and to obtain feedback from the community itself. We helped identify how to best fulfill the Resolution Copper mission to partner with the communities in which they operate, sharing the wealth and benefits of what they do with local people through employment, skills, education, and local economic development initiatives. 

“OHPI delivered more than just survey data – they provided distinct answers and conducive recommendations backed by the research that fully addressed our needs, aligned with our goals, and helped guide our community relations strategy.”

Hesston Klenk

Senior Manager, Communities & Social Performance, Resolution Copper

Our Proven 5-Step Process

 DISCOVERY: We spent time with Resolution Copper learning about their goals and mission, budget and timeline, and determining the most powerful research that would help inform future strategic decisions based on the opinions, beliefs, and feedback from their niche                            community regarding their proposed mining site near the Superstition Mountains.

DEVELOP: OHPI designed a multi-faceted research model tailored to fit their needs. This project entailed surveying a niche group of respondents in a remote region, using our robust capabilities that allowed us to reach opinions that would otherwise be unheard.  

FIELD: Working alongside Resolution Copper to finalize survey questions and research plan, we utilized a blended survey method of Live Caller, Automated Caller, and canvassing to get a complete and relevant sample of the target region. OHPI diligently provided regular updates to                ensure smooth and accurate fieldwork with a complete and relevant sample of this niche                          audience. 

ANALYZE: Our expert team of Data Analysts combined qualitative surveys with quantitative data collected to get an accurate representation of the community’s beliefs. After extracting all the data and aggregating the most important and interesting findings from our sample, OHPI                  was able to identify how to best fulfill Resolution Copper’s mission to partner with the                                communities in which they operate.  

REPORT: OHPI crafted reports and deliverables including a Presentation Deck containing actionable insights and intricate breakdowns visualized in a digestible format. With these reports we were able to answer Resolution Copper’s questions backed by data and identify the                best ways to prevent major potential strife between the community and the project site by                        focusing on community relations.


OH Predictive Insights administered a Baseline Public Opinion Survey and In-Person Interviews for Resolution Copper. By performing in-depth interviews and asking specific questions, we were able to hear the true voices of an otherwise underserved community and identify opportunities to be proactive in engaging and respecting the needs, values, and opinions of their community. Our evidence offered insights into this niche region and the most valuable ways in which Resolution Copper can bring them in on future projects to further the community in a positive way by sharing the wealth and benefits of what they do with local people. We provided Resolution Copper with more than just data – we gave them distinct answers and actionable steps backed by research that aligned with their goals and helped inform future strategic decisions. OHPI provided results, data, a presentation, and follow-up to make sure we extensively addressed all their needs and objectives.