Case Study

Professional Firefighters of Arizona (PFFA)

The inception of the PFFA came about as a successor to the Arizona State Firemen’s Association, founded in 1924. During the 1960s a divide emerged between the career and volunteer firefighters. The volunteers wanted to focus on fraternal activities and remain out of the political fray. Career firefighters wished to get more political and fight for a reduction in hours and a retirement system. The inevitable came in 1967 and the career firefighters formed the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona. Today, they represent one of the most respected careers and people in Arizona.  

OHPI worked closely with the PPFA to design a research project that could gauge Arizona voter perceptions and opinions and test message effectiveness on ballot issues directly impacting the Firefighter community. 

“[With OHPI,] I know that I’m going to get a quality product, that I have a partner who’s going to take the time to understand what we’re going to achieve and, most of all, I know I’ve got somebody who I can lean on to give me good insights to make strategic decisions.”

Brian Jeffries

President , Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

Our Proven 5-Step Process

 DISCOVERY: We spent time talking with PFFA to understand their goals and objectives, budget and timeline, and determine which of our services would be the most powerful route to measure voter opinions and message effectiveness on particular ballot issues.  

DEVELOP: OHPI crafted actionable survey questions and tailored a research plan to fit the needs of PFFA. We put in the time and effort to ensure we would reach the right audience, ask the right questions, and collect ample data. 

FIELD: After working with PFFA to finalize survey(s), we deployed the project and diligently provided regular updates to ensure smooth and accurate fieldwork with a complete and relevant sample of the target audience. 

ANALYZE: Our expert team of Data Analysts extracted all the data and aggregated the most important and interesting findings from our sample. Within this data and though the analytical lenses of our data gurus, OHPI uncovered indispensable insights that supplemented the goals                and objectives of PFFA. 

REPORT: We curated a Processed Data Report including question-by-question correlation along with compelling cross-tabulation as well as a Presentation Deck containing actionable insights and intricate breakdowns visualized in a digestible format. With these reports we were                able to reveal where AZ voters reside in their opinion on a specific ballot initiative and advise                    what messages resonated for and against this ballot measure.


OH Predictive Insights administered a Public Opinion Survey and Advertising Message Effectiveness Survey for the Professional Firefighters of Arizona. This research was administered by conducting a survey of 600 registered voters in Arizona. Our evidence offered an actionable endorsement on circumstances Arizona voters should acknowledge when casting their votes on the ballot issues in question. These determinants included increasing public safety funding as a top priority, broad support for ordinance regardless of opinion on the facilities, and targeted messaging to garner approval. We provided PFFA with more than just data – we gave them a distinct answer and actionable steps backed by research that aligned with their goals. We provided the Professional Firefighter of Arizona with results, data, a presentation, and followup to make sure we extensively addressed all their needs and objectives.