Case Study


The Nevada Policy Research Institute is the Nevada branch of an esteemed constellation of conservative think tanks nationwide. We joined them in a strategic partnership to determine how they were shaping the policy debate in the state among several of their key issues. We also worked to look at how to expand their awareness and the best avenues to building a larger profile and reputation by hitting on which groups were most receptive to their accomplishments and vision.

This was done by conducting a field survey utilizing the top methodological methods, both in the actual conducting of the survey and rigors of preparation. Using multiple baselines to figure out the likely electorate makeup, and specific targeting to the person to ensure we hit the target audience out of the whole population. We worked hand in hand with NPRI to develop incisive questions that tapped into the best potential growth opportunities and fit the NPRI’s objectives


Our Process

Pinpoint A Message – Create insightful questions that cuts to the core of what you are looking for and eliminate any chance at biased questions that won’t be insightful and useful. This works as a back and forth partnership, where we help craft your message and your desires and integrate that into the more technical polling model

Refine the Target Audience – We use multiple benchmarks and unique data to create a portrait of where you are looking to spread your message, whether it’s consumers, likely voters, or a very localized region

Gathering Public Opinion – We go into the field with a poll, working tirelessly to pick up even the most remote respondents to hit our audience quotas to make sure that you have the most comprehensive picture possible

Analyze the Findings – At OH Predictive Insights headquarters we delve deep into the numbers, verifying the authenticity and isolating key patterns and trends that we can weave into relevant narratives

Present Your Path – We prepare a presentation that clearly and concisely outlines the best way forward to your objectives, and where best to focus your efforts to save you time and resources

Actionable Recommendations – Go out into the field, armed with new knowledge, and watch as your able to use research and data to fulfill your original directive


Working with the Nevada Policy Research Institute, we identified what groups agreed with their message, and also which of NPRI’s core values and policy objectives and wins lined up with that group



  • Questionnaire design
  • Sample design and acquisition
  • Survey pre-testing for coding and clarity
  • Conducting Interviews/Field Survey
  • Data processing
  • Topline and demographic report
  • Presentation of findings
  • Powerpoint presentation and Deck

Time to Field- we have the fastest turnaround without losing the quality of the data and ultimately ensuring actionable research.

Discover your opportunities- We strive to help you find where your time and effort can be best managed. Discover the opportunities your company or client  has and how to exacerbate those possibilities.

Knowing your opportunities with real data as your backup can ultimately give your investors a better idea about what you need to become more successful. An investor is more likely to spend their money on something that they know will work rather than on something that does not consider all possibilities. Managing funds and directing them to their full potential is provided through the data we collect.

We don’t just give you numbers, we give you an easily digestible format that empowers you to be able to take action and make an impact.

We are your Strategic Research Partners