Case Study

Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI)


The Nevada Policy Research Institute is the Nevada branch of an esteemed constellation of conservative think tanks nationwide. OH Predictive Insights joined them in a strategic partnership to determine how they were shaping the policy debate in the state among several of their key issues. We also worked to look at how to expand their awareness and the best avenues to building a larger profile and reputation by hitting on which groups were most aware and receptive to their vision, direction, and progress. As NPRI prepared for public sector changes, we worked hand in hand with them to develop incisive questions that fit NPRI’s objectives.   

Our Proven 5-Step Process

DISCOVERY: We spent time talking with NPRI to understand their goals and objectives, budget and timeline, and determine which of our services would be the most powerful route to measure the awareness and opinions of Nevada government employees on particular                          public sector issues. 

    DEVELOP: OHPI crafted actionable survey questions and tailored a research plan to fit the             needs of NPRI. We put in the time and effort to ensure we would reach the right audience, ask     the right questions, and collect ample data that will address the vexing questions of the client. 

FIELD: After working closely with NPRI to finalize survey scripts, we deployed the project and diligently provided regular updates to ensure smooth and accurate fieldwork with a complete and relevant sample of the target audience. 

ANALYZE: Our expert team of Data Analysts extracted all the data and aggregated the most important and interesting findings from our sample. Within this data and through the analytical lenses of our team, OHPI uncovered data-backed insights specific to the goals and                    objectives of NPRI. 


   REPORT: We curated reports and deliverables including a Presentation Deck containing                actionable insights and intricate breakdowns visualized in a digestible format. With these              reports we were able to answer NPRI’s questions and gauge the awareness and perceptions of                their target audience, as well as reveal where Nevada government employees reside in their                    opinions on specific public sector processes and changes.  


OH Predictive Insights conducted a targeted Public Opinion Survey among a niche group of Nevada government employees (excluding first responders) for Nevada Policy Research Institute. Throughout this research we made certain to verify the authenticity of the sample and isolate key patterns and trends that we were able to weave into a relevant narrative. We identified what groups agreed with what messages, and also which of NPRI’s core values and policy objectives lined up with that group. Our evidence offered actionable insights and informed our recommendation to craft educational campaigns and hone in on particular messaging that would resonate best with this target group in order to boost awareness as well as aid in improving employee satisfaction rates. We provided NPRI with more than just data – we gave them a distinct answer and actionable steps backed by research that aligned with their goals. We provided NPRI with results, data, a presentation, and follow-up to make sure we extensively addressed all their needs and objectives.