Case Study

Mesa City Transportation Department 


The mission of the Mesa City Transportation Department is to justly serve Mesa residents by planning, designing, operating, and maintaining a high quality, multimodal transportation system so that residents and visitors can move safely, effectively, and efficiently through the transportation network.  

The Mesa City Transportation Department approached OH Predictive Insights to conduct primary research for them on public and stakeholder attitudes, perceptions, and opinions on transportation services and infrastructure in Mesa to aid them in strategic planning and development plans for the future.

Our Proven 5-Step Process

DISCOVERY: We collaborated with the Mesa City Transportation Department to understand their goals and objectives, budget and timeline, and determine which of our services would be the most powerful route to gauge resident and stakeholder attitudes, expectations, and pain                  points. 

    DEVELOP: We conducted 5 focus groups and 9 in-depth interviews for the department to               gather information from a variety of residents and stakeholders. We designed a focus group         makeup that incorporated participants that would bring insights from a variety of lifestyles to                  accurately represent the area and its demographics. 

FIELD: Our research team developed moderation guides and goals of the research with the client to ensure that we collected insights relevant to their needs. Mesa City Transportation Department was able to view the focus groups live online and interact with the moderator to                  request more in-depth information on certain topics. 

ANALYZE: Our expert team of Data Analysts gathered this qualitative, open-ended data and analyzed it against the demographics of the respondents to get an accurate representation of Mesa resident and stakeholder perceptions, pain points, and wants. After extracting all the                      data and aggregating the most important and insightful findings from our sample, OHPI was                    able to identify the expectations and attitudes of Mesa residents and stakeholders and the                      specific demographics of each.   


   REPORT: OHPI crafted reports and deliverables including a Presentation Deck containing              actionable insights and intricate breakdowns visualized in a digestible format. With these              reports we were able to answer Mesa City Transportation Department’s questions backed by                  data and identify the best ways to meet the needs and expectations of their valued residents.    



OH Predictive Insights administered Focus Groups, Qualitative Public Opinion, and Intercept Surveys for the Mesa City Transportation Department. The focus groups consisted of general residents as well as those in specific niche categories that may interact with or have reason to utilize transportation series more frequently. Commuters for different areas of the city, individuals active in the biking community, and early adopters of new technology were included in these groups. We also conducted in-depth interviews of key figures in the city to aid us in developing relevant discussion guides. By performing these in-depth focus groups and asking specific questions, we were able to hear the true voices of Mesa residents and stakeholders. Our evidence offered actionable insights on the perceptions and opinions of residents in the key categories of interest for the department. We also provided them with insights into what residents are looking for from the city moving forward to aid them in addressing the needs of their citizens by adapting their future strategic planning and development to the actionable recommendations of residents. We provided the Mesa City Transportation Department with more than just data – we gave them distinct answers and actionable steps backed by research that aligned with their goals and helped inform future strategic decisions. OHPI provided results, data, a presentation, and follow-up to make sure we extensively addressed all their needs and objectives.