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McSally Narrowly Leads Senate Race

The latest poll from OH Predictive Insights and ABC15 Arizona (ABC15/OHPI) shows that Martha McSally, Arizona’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, has a one-point lead over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, with 49 percent of the vote.

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Arizona State Races

Updates on the Arizona Treasurer, Superintendent, Secretary of State, Attorney General and Governor races.

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A Breakdown Of The Financial Race In Arizona

With the midterm elections just around the corner, OH Predictive Insights took a look at the financial spending of the Arizona Senate candidates, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally, and Arizona Governor candidates, Republican Governor Doug Ducey and Democrat David Garcia.

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October 11, 2018 Poll Recap

OH Predictive Insights, a Phoenix-based research and polling firm surveyed Arizonans on a variety of topics, from the Senate to the generic ballot and trends in Arizona.

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