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POLL: Trump’s Job Approval Decreases

A new poll released Thursday shows Trump facing a tougher climb to win the state in 2020. The poll shows that the Job Approval rate of Trump dropped 2-points from 49% to 47% and the disapproval rate increased from 50% to 52%. And former Vice President Joe Biden continues to top Trump in a head-to-head matchup. In fact, against five of the top Democratic presidential contenders, Trump doesn’t receive more than 45 percent of the vote in this early look at 2020.

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POLL: Kelly Flies by McSally in Q3

Sen. Martha McSally is defending her seat in the upcoming 2020 election and the latest poll Arizona Public Opinion Poll (AZPOP) shows former astronaut Mark Kelly flying past McSally – setting up a race that could be just as close as the one that ended in November.

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Romney trumps the President – in Utah, March 28th, 2019

PHOENIX (March 28, 2019) -The GOP base voters around the country stick like glue to President Donald Trump – everywhere it seems except Utah.

Sen. Mitt Romney bests the 46th president in a hypothetical primary matchup, according to a new OHPI poll released Thursday.

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POLL: Arizonans Support the Legalization of Marijuana

A majority of Arizonans favor legalizing marijuana in Arizona,  according to a survey conducted by OH Predictive Insights (OHPI). The statewide poll of likely 2020 General Election voters supported legalization by a 52 to 41 margin. While this is the first time an OHPI poll found a majority of voters support marijuana legalization, clear demographic and partisan splits remain among the electorate as it faces resistance from Republicans, women, and older voters.

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POLL: Arizona Senate 2020 Matchups

Mark Kelly Keeps the Senate Close as Democratic Contenders Have Low Name ID

PHOENIX (Feb 14th, 2019) –Senator Martha McSally is defending her seat in the upcoming 2020 cycle early polling shows that she currently holds an edge over her two likeliest contenders, though she is under the 50% threshold in each matchup.

While Mark Kelly is the only declared Democrat for the Arizona Senate, there is heavy speculation that Ruben Gallego will also declare. 

“Kelly outperforms Gallego in several key areas meanwhile electoral problems for McSally continue to persist, ” said Mike Noble, Chief of Research and Managing Partner of Phoenix-based research company OH Predictive Insights. “Arizona’s most recent Senate race was a barn burner and with this early look we may be in for another.”

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