Since our inception in 2016, OHPI has burnt the midnight oil working to become the thought-leaders on market research and public opinion polling for our great Grand Canyon state, and we tasted victory following the 2020 election with our overarching accuracy in our predictions during a year when many polls missed the mark. As the communities, organizations, stakeholders and decision-makers around us continue to see the value in predictive insights and data analytics, it is crucial for us to keep up with their needs in order to provide the best solutions to their pain points. In response, OH Predictive Insights has recently expanded our team of experts, adding two new junior data analysts and an executive assistant to our self-proclaimed #OHPINerdery 

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Folks, say hello to [left to right] Phillip Petersen (Executive Assistant), Rukhsaar Devani (Jr. Economic Data Analyst), and Zihang Liang (Jr. Political Data Analyst). 

At OHPI, our team members are our most valuable asset, so in our search for experts in these spaces, we only sought out candidates who were passionate about meaningful data, motivated by curiosity, and equipped with the proper skillsets necessary to our unique industry. In their short time with us thus far, our new additions have already proven their prowess and reinforced our confidence for the future of OH Predictive Insights. Expanding our internal team gives OHPI the bandwidth to provide actionable insights and advanced analytics to even more data-hungry clients in the state of Arizona and, soon enough, beyond.                                                                                                                                               

At OH Predictive Insights, we marry research with strategic planning by creating a unique space for both to interconnect seamlessly. Our team holds the belief that true insightful decisions begin with the facts. Data collected through research can help identify your strengths, opportunities, guide your informed decisions, and ultimately drive successful business strategies.  

Anyone can hand you data; we hand you answers. 


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