AZPOP is a statewide Likely Voter survey that regularly gauges public opinion on the key issues driving Arizona’s political climate. 

The quarterly-now-monthly survey will be in the field again on April 6th. The statewide sample will be reflective of Arizona’s 2020 likely general election voters.

Add a customized question to our Arizona Public Opinion Pulse and get access to top tier research at a competitive price. We’re actively working to provide quality voter sentiment data to you without the steep entrance fee. When you add a question you will get…

  • Trending Polling Data including top-issue, Trump job approval, generic congressional ballot and more…

  • Crosstab/Topline Poll Reports 

  • Survey Summary 

  • Presentation Deck

  • Expert Analysis on Trending questions and your added questions

  • Discover opportunities and understand how likely voters responded to your question

All questions are kept strictly confidential unless you expressly wish to have them released.  Please note: If you choose to release your questions, we have to disclose who commissioned the study.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at or call me on my direct line at 480.313.1837

Warm regards, 

Mike Noble

Chief of Research, OH Predictive Insights