Case Study

AARP Arizona

AARP Arizona is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that helps people aged 50 and over improve the quality of their lives. AARP Arizona helps to create a society where people 50+ age with dignity and purpose. They offer resources such as legislative, regulatory, and legal advocacy. They also offer a wide range of unique benefits, special products, and services, and assist members in serving their community.

AARP Arizona approached OH Predictive Insights to conduct an in-depth Qualitative Study involving Arizona voters aged 50+ to gauge the perception and attitudes of key Arizona constituencies. The goal was to identify a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of current messaging in order to provide actionable insights based on the findings of the survey.

“The professionals at OH Predictive Insights truly understand the gravity of timeliness in public affairs and worked diligently with us to ensure our research-based content contributed promptly to timely discussions. Ultimately, our message and the voices of the 50+ community that we represent were heard and our goal was achieved.”

Dana Kennedy

State Director, AARP Arizona

Our Process

 DISCOVERY: We collaborated with AARP Arizona to learn the needs, wants, and perceptions of the target audience regarding Social Security, cost of healthcare, and Medicare. OHPI worked diligently to meet their needs as proficiently as possible in a time when in-person focus groups weren’t an option.

DEVELOP: We conducted four virtual focus groups to gather the perception, ideas, and awareness of voters over the age of 50 in Arizona. We designed focus groups’ makeup that incorporated participants that would bring insights from a variety of lifestyles to accurately represent the geographical area and its demographics. OHPI put in the time and effort to ensure we would reach the right audience, ask the right questions, and collect ample data. Our research team developed moderation guides to address the research objectives for the client to ensure that we collected insights relevant to their needs.

FIELD: After working closely with AARP Arizona, we were able to finalize the research plan and approach the study via online (virtual) focus groups. With the help of the pre-conceived moderation guidelines put into place, the moderator was able to guide the conversation and navigate issues that bring controversy. OHPI provided the capability to the client to listen in and watch the group just as they would be able to during an in-person focus group.

ANALYZE: Our expert team of Data Analysts gathered this qualitative data and analyzed it against the demographics of the respondents to gain an accurate insight into the respondents’ perceptions and opinions concerning top issues in the healthcare of those over 50 years old.

REPORT: After extracting all the data and aggregating the most important and insightful findings from our sample, OHPI was able to identify the perceptions and pain points of the specific demographic of Arizona residents. We were able to provide strategic steps forward in educating the AARP Arizona target population on how to navigate the concerns and expectations of this representative group.


OH Predictive Insights administered four focus groups to gather qualitative data for AARP Arizona. The focus groups provided a deeper insight into the expectations and concerns of voters over the age of 50 in Arizona. OHPI was able to identify a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of AARP Arizona’s current messaging and, with the data derived from this research project, OHPI was able to provide in-depth actionable recommendations for how to handle concerns and expectations from their target audience.